About Us

WaterJet.bg is a part of Jusita-DES business group.

Waterjet cutting is a new technique for us and it certainly complements the technical capabilities of our advertising business.

We work with customers from various industries and provide them precise water cutting services.

We proudly partner with the best manufacturer of water cutting equipment in the world – Flow WaterJet. Furthermore,  we are the only Bulgarian company to own their highest grade machineWaterjet Mach 500 Series.

Our Story

Our business is entirely focused on 360° advertising customer service. We focus on printing, souvenir and outdoor advertising. Since 2004, the company has had various departments armed with machinery, equipment and specialists, providing a complete cycle in the advertising space. Our goal is to expand the capabilities of the services we offer, while we focus on high quality printing, as well as the acquisition of new technologies to support and back up our outdoor advertising.

The massive base we have, closes the production cycle and gives us the confidence to offer quality products at reasonable prices, without intermediary, while taking responsibility of our own work.

Our company creates and delivers all the advertising products you need. We do not divide our customers into small and large. We take seriously every single advertising need of yours – from your business card, to your roof ads. It is important to us to understand your wishes, give you advice and be proud of your successes as a result of our teamwork.

We believe that with cutting-edge ideas and high professionalism, we would meet your requirements for effective advertisement.

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