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Thanks to our equipment and experience of our team we can offer a wide range of services for cutting many different type of materials with a water jet.
Often machine cutting with water jet is also called water cutting, water jet cutting, hydroabrasive cutting, hydraulic cutting and others. 

Versatility is Our Biggest Asset

Abrasive waterjets cut material from 1/16 inch to over 10 inches thick, in high or low volume. Whether you are cutting the same thing every day, or changing materials to meet customer demands, a Flow waterjet will get your work done.


Cutting Metals with Waterjet

Abrasive waterjets are ideally suited for tough and lucrative applications for any metal cutting. More than just common materials of mild steel and aluminum, abrasive waterjets easily cut titanium, Inconel®, brass, and tool steel. Whether you’re cutting 8 inch thick titanium or 1/4 inch aluminum, you’ll discover that Flow waterjets are versatile enough to cut a variety of shapes and materials.

Cutting Composites with Waterjet

Today composites come in many forms including carbon fiber reinforce plastic (CFRP); fiberglass; and composite foams, plastics, paper, or metal. An abrasive waterjet’s supersonic erosion can cut nearly any material, and the low contact force eliminates the need for bulky tooling. The finely focused jet of water cuts reliably and precisely in any direction to incredible detail. A Flow waterjet will rarely cause cracking, fraying or delamination.

Cutting Stone & Tile with Waterjet

Whether you’re cutting thick granite, marble, slate, limestone, soapstone, travertine, engineered stone or any other material for floors and counters; stones, porcelain, or ceramic tile for artistic work such as inlays, signs or medallions; or glass and metal for artistic accents and signage, the abrasive waterjet’s unique ability to cut very intricate designs at high speed without breakage frees your imagination and expands your business. Compared to traditional cutting tools and CNC machines, easy-to-use Flow waterjets dramatically reduce work-in-process time for stone, glass and tile fabricators.

Cutting Glass with Waterjet

Cutting and piercing glass is not a problem with Flow waterjet technology. From cutting of intricate stained glass, to piercing holes in glass, to easily cutting laminated ballistic glass, users from a variety of industries have discovered the versatility and cost-effectiveness of cutting glass materials with waterjet technology.

Cutting Stacked Materials with Waterjet

Stack cutting is a unique feature to waterjet applications. Because a waterjet cuts via supersonic erosion process it is possible to stack and cut several layers of material all in one pass. All Flow waterjet systems are capable of stack cutting up to several inches in material.

Cutting Thick Materials with Waterjet

Waterjets are not limited in what they can cut, including material thicknesses. Truly, a waterjet can cut up to any thickness, but tolerances will change the thicker the material being cut. Tight accuracies can be kept when cutting materials under 4 inches thick, a near net shape is achieved when cutting thicker materials.

Precision Cutting with Waterjet

Waterjets have the flexibility to go from cutting a near net shape to high precision due to the versatility of the tool. With advancements in cutting technology like Dynamic Waterjet and Dynamic XD detailed parts with tight corner geometry can be cut easily and quickly to accuracies of +/- 0.001 inch.

Beveled Cutting with Waterjet

With today’s advanced waterjet cutting system, complex shapes can easily be achieved. Bevel and 3D cutting of parts is made possible by technology invented by Flow, Dynamic XD, which articulates the cutting head up to 60 degrees for full flat stock bevel cutting capabilities.



We have one of the best water cutting machines in the world from the leading manufacturer Flow: WaterJet – Mach 500 Series!

WaterJet – Mach 500 Series

The Mach 500 is unmatched in accuracy, quickness and speed, making it your most productive solution. The system is revolutionary in terms of reliability and productivity, backed by the only comprehensive service program in waterjet. Uniquely flexible, the Mach 500 can be everything you want, or just what you need.

Modern Architecture

Driven by extensive research and customer feedback, Mach 500 is the fastest, quickest, most accurate waterjet by design. Designed with the operator in mind, the system is built for production. No other waterjet is quite like this.

Unmatched Accuracy

With the modern architecture, precision motion, and Flow’s leading ultrahigh-pressure technology at the core, the Mach 500 is unmatched in speed and accuracy. Paired with Dynamic XD and Compass, there is no waterjet that can compare.

Smooth Motion

Mach 500 is equipped with top-of-the-line components from leading machine tool suppliers for the machine drive, precision motion system, motion control, and solid model software to create a machine that is the quickest, and most accurate on the market.

Solid Foundation

The ultrahigh-pressure pump technology, machine control, cutting heads, industry-leading software, and advanced wrist articulation pioneered by Flow are the foundation of the Mach 500.


  • Rapid Traverse Maximum: 17,8 m/min
  • Linear Straightness Accuracy: ±0,038 mm/m
  • Repeatability: 0,03 mm

Cutting Head Technology

The Mach 500 can be configured with any of Flow`s industry leading cutting head technology.


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We work with clients from many different industries and provide them with precision water cutting services, using modern waterjet cutting machines. 


We are partners with the best manufacturer of water cutting equipment in the world, Flow WaterJet, and are the only in Bulgaria to own their highest grade machine – the Mach 500 Series.


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