Our Equipment

We have one of the best water cutting machines in the world from the leading manufacturer Flow, the WaterJet Mach 500.

Our machine is unique in accuracy and speed, therefore your most productive solution. Discover reliability and productivity on a new level, with even more flexibility and ability to shape your most daring designs. Finally, Waterjet Mach 500 can be everything you professionally wish for, or exactly what you need.

waterjet match 500 machine

As a result of the innovative ultrahigh-pressure technology, Waterjet Mach 500 is a record holder in accuracy and speed of work. While armed with Dynamic XD and Compass, this waterjet cannot compare to any other machine out there. It successfully achieves results that no other technology has so far.

As a product of massive research and customer feedback, WaterJet Mach 500 is known as the most time efficient and precise waterjet cutter on the market. Built to serve the needs of businesses, the machine is designed with focus on production, aiming to save you time and money.

The Mach 500 Series contains equipment with highest world quality components from leading machine tool manufacturers. This state-of-the-art equipment combines precision, motion control and solid software while bringing to life a machine that is the fastest and most accurate on today’s market.

The leading technological giant Flow backs up the foundation of WaterJet Mach 500. Due to the use of their unique ultrahigh-pressure pump technology, advanced cutting heads and custom software, the machine is a true pioneer on the market.

Let’s get technical – WaterJet Mach 500

  • UltraPierce Vacuum AssistRapid Traverse Maximum: 17,8 m/min
  • Linear Straightness Accuracy: ±0,038 mm/min
  • Repeatability: 0,03 mm
  • Dynamic XD Cutting Head Technology
  • Compass Cutting Head Technology
  • Ultrahigh-pressure pump
  • Advanced wrist articulation
  • Outstanding machine control
  • UltraPierce Vacuum Assistance

Above all, what does all that mean for you? Check out our customer friendly post to help you understand the abilities of our machine in a practical way.