Services – waterjet cutting

Thanks to our equipment and the experience of our team, we can offer you a wide range of services for cutting many different types of materials with water jet.

Often machine cutting with water jet is also called water cutting, water jet cutting, hydroabrasive cutting, hydraulic cutting and others. Learn more about the principles and benefits of water cutting from here.

Versatility is our main advantage!

The hydroabrasive machine (water cutting machine, water jet cutting machine) available allows the cutting of materials from 1.5 mm thick to more than 25 cm in large and small quantities.

Whether you work with the same material day after day or every time with new material, the jet stream will do its job.

We offer the following services for machine water cutting of various materials:


Water jet cutting of metal
Water jet composite cutting
Water jet cutting of stone and tiles
Water jet glass cutting
Water jet cutting of packages of materials
Water jet cutting of multilayer materials
Precision water jet cutting
Bevel cutting with water jet

Industries where waterjet cutting is commonly used:

  • Aerospace
  • auto
  • energy
  • oil and gas
  • transport
  • Agriculture
  • architecture
  • art