Water Jet Cutter works with any material

Our company is equipped with one of the world’s latest water jet cutting technologies – Flow Mach 500 Waterjet. Because of its unique characteristics, the water jet cutter, delivers fine and accurate cut of up to 30 cm thick materials.

Cutting any type of material has never been easier – stone, metal, glass, various alloys. Because the process promises high quality, better price and faster delivery, certainly this is your most productive cutting solution.

Glass Cutting

Thick glass is one of the most challenging materials to cut, but not with our water jet cutter. Thanks to the powerful high-pressure jet of water, the cut is accurate and without any glass breakage. Due to this innovative technology, we deliver fine stained glass, tiny openings in glass material and cutting of laminated safety glass or bullet proof glass. Our machine gives us the opportunity to cut complex shapes with exceptionally small size without any glass cracks. By using water jet cutter, you certainly save raw materials as the waste is substantially small comparing to any other technology. Additional advantage is the short execution time that no other machine can compete with.

water jet cutter glass

Metal Cutting

It’s always been a challenge to cut metals. Not anymore. Thanks to our water jet cutter, we can cut any type of metal with thickness of 30 cm. We cut aluminium and aluminium alloys, stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloys, copper and copper alloys, and many more. With its unique specifications, the cut is with an exceptional quality as there is no mechanical pressure and thermal deformation. With water jet cutter, we work not only with thick metals but we also cut small complex delicate details.

water jet cutter metal

Stone cutting

With Flow Mach 500 WaterJet we cut stone, marble, ceramics, granite and more. Cutting big plates and tiles is fast, with high quality and more affordable than ever before. The technology allows flawless execution of any artistic idea – from the tinies detail to the massive cut of a 30cm thick stone. Our machine treats materials delicately and it doesn’t affect their quality, which allows you to create flawless decorations. Materials don’t undergo any additional treatment which ensures their original qualities and structure even after cutting.

The cut can be minimal and the angle of cutting – complex. As a result we achieve successful execution of any design without any quality compromise.

water jet cutter stone

Finally, the technology of water jet cutting allows our clients to bring to life their most daring designs faster, more affordable and with higher quality. Furthermore, the unique ability of our WaterJet machine to cut any type of material of record thickness is a new possibility for the Bulgarian market. Giving our best to offer world class services, we invested in the newest product of the technological giant Flow and we are proud to help Bulgarian manufacturers produce competitive products.