Water Jet Cutting

Thanks to our equipment and the experience of our team, we offer a wide range of services for cutting various types of materials with a water jet.

Alternative names for a machine that cuts with a water jet are water cutting, water jet cutting, hydroabrasive cutting or hydraulic cutting.

Abrasive waterjets cut material from 1/16 inch to over 10 inches thick, in high or low volume. It doesn’t matter if you need to cut the same material every day or your job requires work with various materials because Flow waterjet can do it all.


Waterjets are ideal for tough and lucrative metal cutting. Above all, the machine cuts not only the most commonly used materials, such as mild steel and aluminium, but also titanium, Inconel®, brass and tool steel. Most certainly, whether you work with 8 inch thick titanium or 1/4 inch aluminium, you’ll come to realise that Flow waterjets are versatile enough to cut different shapes and materials.

water jet cutting metal


Today composites vary in types – carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), fiberglass, polyurethane composite foams, plastics, paper or metal. The abrasive waterjet supersonic erosion can cut nearly any material and certainly the low contact force eliminates the need for bulky tooling. The fine jet of water cuts reliably and precisely incredible details in any direction. Above all, Flow waterjet would rarely cause cracking, fraying or delamination.

water jet cutting composites

Stone and Tiles

Waterjet cuts thick granite, marble, slate, limestone, soapstone, travertine, engineered stone and any other material for floors and counters. In addition, the technology cuts stone, porcelain, glass, metal and ceramic tiles for art work – inlays, medallions and more. The unique ability to cut complex designs at high speed without breakage frees your imagination and expands your business. Comparing to traditional cutting tools and CNC machines, waterjets dramatically reduce work-in-process time.

stone tile cut

Water Jet Cutting Glass

Cutting and piercing glass is not a problem with Flow waterjet technology. From cutting complex stained glass to piercing tiny holes and effortlessly cutting bullet proof glass. Our customers from various industries know the versatility and cost-effectiveness of waterjet technology.

water jet cutting glass

Water Jet Cutting Stacked Materials

Stack cutting is a unique ability of waterjets. As waterjet uses supersonic erosion process, it’s possible to stack several layers of different materials and cut them at once.

stack material cut

Water Jet Cutting Multilayer Thick Materials

Waterjets have little limitation in what they can cut including material thickness with multiple layers. We achieve tight accuracies while cutting materials under 4 inches thick. We deliver net shape when cutting thicker materials. Due to the lack of mechanical stress, heat distortion and heat-affected zone (HAZ), we deliver a smooth edge without any additional treatment.

water jet cutting thick material

Precision Water Jet Cutting

Our machine can go from cutting a near net shape to high precision due to the unique abilities of the tool. Because of the unique cutting technology, detailed parts with tight corners can be cut effortlessly and quickly with extreme accuracy of +/- 0.001 inch.

Water Jet Beveled Cutting

Due to today’s advanced waterjet cutting system, complex shapes are easy to make. As a result, bevel and 3D cutting of parts is now possible. The unique technology articulates the cutting head up to 60 degrees, therefore delivering outstanding bevel cutting capabilities.

Pluses of Beveled Cutting with Water Jet

  • High productivity
  • time efficiency and high-quality parts
  • Minimal kerf
  • Incredible details
  • Capable to work with inconsistencies in the material
  • Reduced scrap
  • Minimal lateral and vertical forces
  • Single-pass cutting, depending on material thickness
  • Lack of thermal treatment
  • Very little or even no hand finishing
beveled cutting